Grow Before you Pay.

Ask about six months same as cash on our 90-day Rapid Growth System.

The Grower Group

We Scale Local Service Businesses.

The Grower Group

We Scale Small Businesses.

You Don't Need More Leads.

You Need Growth.

We get it. Running a service business is hard. You've got a hundred things you have to manage. The last thing you need is to have to worry about how to fill your calendar with viable customers ready to pay you money.

What you need is to have the confidence to know that your business will be viable not only tomorrow but ten years from now.

That's why you don't need another marketing agency.

You need Growth Strategists.

Announcing the:


The Custom Program for Local Service Companies that helps you grow by building a base of loyal customers without relying on sketchy lead-gen systems.

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Customized to your service

Paid & Organic Lead Generation on Multiple Channels

Leads Nurtured & Booked to Your Calendar!

Expert CRM management

Keep your calendar full and focus on your business!

Automation keeps you top-of-mind with your customers

Incentive Packages Included at no cost to you

Completely done-for-you

Exclusive territories and leads

Introducing M.A.R.I.

(Multi Analytical Robotic Intelligence)

The Ultimate Service/Tool Combo for Scaling your Business

Wondering if we'd be a good fit?

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We've customized our proprietary lead generation AI software to fit your niche and provide done-for-you creation and customization so that you can be off and running in days without having to learn how to do it yourself. In addition to all the custom forms and funnel pages to capture leads, we provide pre-written nurturing sequences and automations designed specifically for your niche, then give you the white-glove service you'd expect from a full-service agency, all for a price that won't break the bank.

Our Strategy

Keep it small and stay focused.

We start with a niche, then gather a small team with an expertise. We never want to be big enough that our clients feel like they're lost in a sea of clients who don't matter to us. If we don't know your name, we're too big. Once you become part of our family, we use the best to help you grow and scale at a pace that works for you. What that looks like depends on your niche - but you can be sure that we've gathered not just the best people, but the best tools to not just get you leads or sales, but to help you grow.

Our Multi-Channel Results

Paid ads by Experts

Our media buyers have successfully run ads in the Home Service Industry for hundreds of clients. Stop guessing and throwing your money away. We have the know-how to do it right, every time.

Organic Traffic

As soon as we start working with you our team gets started adding coding, seo and other proprietary strategies to capture traffic that you would otherwise miss, resulting in FREE leads that would have gone to your competitors.

STEP 1: We search your existing LinkedIn network to find contacts similar to your ideal customer based on income, job title, location and other soft factors.

STEP 2: We then filter, organize and connect with 2nd and 3rd-degree connections on LinkedIn that have relationships in your industry.

STEP 3: Potential customers engage in back and forth conversation with you that you modulate…you decide who to talk to on the phone and who not to.

STEP 4: In order to save you administrative time, we scrape the potential customers details including first name, last name, job title, location, company, personal email, and phone number.

STEP 5: We email your customers from your email address to take the conversation OFF LinkedIn…all positive responses will be automatically forwarded right to your inbox.

STEP 6: To increase engagement, we text the prospect for you. This makes sure they got a chance to see your LinkedIn message and your emails, ultimately choosing to book a phone call with you.

STEP 7: We leave a custom pre-recorded voicemail on all prospects answering machine 24 hours after they accept your connection. This is the last attempt of follow-up we do before your sales call.

STEP 8: You book a time to speak to your prospect using a Calendly link. Based on qualification, you send it via LinkedIn, Email or SMS to setup the call

STEP 9: You help your customer solve their problem using a discovery call over zoom or the phone, picking out their pain points and describing your solutions.

STEP 10: You close the deal with your customer by creating more value than your price demands. The customer’s problem is solved, and you are one step closer to your goals!

Lead Nurturing with Exclusive Multi-Channel CRM Software

Client List Activation & Nurturing

BizGrowerPro CRM Software brings you:

  • Client List Activation & Nurturing
  • Call Tracking & Recording
  • Review Management
  • GMB & FB Message Center
  • Email Drag & Drop Design
  • SMS & Email Automations
  • Unlimited Leads, Clients & Team Members
  • Scheduling with Automated Dynamic Followup & Reminders
  • Full Reporting
  • Full Calendars Every Week!

Exclusive Incentive Packages Included with our Marketing Programs

Imagine being able to offer FREE TRAVEL for an upgrade or install!

  • Included with our services at no cost to you
  • Travel and electronic gifts - you choose and customize
  • No gimmicks!
  • Stop digging into your profit margin for your sales!
  • Increase conversions and revenue!

Wondering if we'd be a good fit?

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About Us

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, The Grower Group is small enough to be hands on and aware of all our clients, with powerful tools and skilled team members that give us an edge over bigger agencies. With a couple of decades of marketing experience, we know the frustration of being lost in the shuffle of a big agency and are committed to give each of our clients the experience they deserve.

If you are looking for a "Brand Awareness" marketing agency, that is not us.

If you are looking for an ROI machine then look no further.

Dynamic Followup and Reminders

Full Calendars – Every Week!


What niches do you serve?

While BizGrowerPro can be used by any business, we currently specialize in local service companies. Schedule a call if you'd like to learn more about using the system or modifying it for your business.

Do you require long-term commitments?

Nope again! Most of our offers are month-to-month. A few require a three-month commitment at most.

What platform is BizGrowerPro CRM built on?

We're proud to have partnered with High Level to create a world-class growth experience customized to the small business owner.

Do you have to be a client of your agency to use your CRM?

Nope! While having some type of lead generation is important for your business, you're welcome to use any agency or do it yourself.

Done For You

Monthly program(90 day commitment)

Managed service

Full done for your prospecting

Sales copywriting

Profile optimization

LinkedIn outreach

Email followup

Text followup

Voicemail followup

Calendly Integrations

Implement and Release

90 day program

Partnered service

1:1 weekly calls for 12 weeks

Prospecting overview education

Sales copywriting education

Profile optimization

LinkedIn outreach technique

Email followup

Text followup

Voicemail followup

Calendly Integrations

PLUS business offer crafting


what our clients say

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If you are looking to grow your business but are unsure if either of our programs are a good fit for you, drop us a note. If we can’t help you, we will be sure to introduce you to someone who can.




Outbound Calling

Appointment Automation

Reputation Management

Unified Messaging

Lead Management

Easy Integration

Mobile App


Rapid Growth A.I. System

Digital Advertising


Social Media

Lead Management


Let's talk about what The Grower Group can do for your business.


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